The good, the bad, the wedges.

Achhh! I feel awful and terrific at the same time. First off, my terrific bf made some calls today and found out that with just a couple of sheets of paper, I can make the final bit of my tax bureaucratic nonsense go away, without having to pay any extra money! This wasn’t a given, so I’m more than pleased.

Additionally it means almost everything is completed, or rather will be completed by next week (if not the end of this) so I’ve finally got a glimpse of the light at the end of this tunnel and spent today in a ridiculously good mood.

Unfortunately I’m afraid the stress has gotten to me after all and so what I thought was just allergy symptoms from the latest wave of pollen, probably is a little stress cold. Oy it’s funny how these things sneak up on you. I had been blowing my nose for a good hour or so and finally I realized. Hmm, don’t think this is an allergy anymore. 

But my nasal rinse has saved the day. Simple salt water is amazingly effective at reducing stuffiness and just killing bacteria. Imho, I think we’ve all bought a little bit too much into the health industry.

So just a quick note here and then it’s an early night for me. I’ve got just one more week of senior courses, then a quick last week with the Greeks and then I’ll be on a plane to Greece, probably mentally compiling a list of things I’ve forgotten to pack/take care of.

But as I said, the stress started receding today and I’m really just relieved. So relieved I was giggly in class today and kept making fun of everything, the kids were bewildered at first, but tickled too and I like it when I can make their after-school lessons a bit amusing.

And since I now don’t have to give my money to the German gov’t, and because I’ve been trying to find shoes like these all over town and haven’t forgotten about how cute they are, I’ve gone internet shoe shopping. This means no more shoes for me til maybe after the Christmas sales, but oh well I can live with that.

I can’t decide though. Do I get the hot turquoise wedges that tends to be my summer color scheme


Should I go for the more versatile and also super summery white wedges?

Wedges are a winner with the stupid cobblestones round here. Very stable and no stuck heels in-between the stones. I’m bored with flats and little mini heels.  I hate wearing flip-flops and summer sandals in European cities. My feet get filthy and there’s no water nearby to clean it off with. A bit of heel isn’t too bad. I wanted white to replace the summer shoes I no longer have, for whatever reason, but what if it just gets dirty too fast?

Well just need to decide on a color I guess. They deliver in 2 days and if it doesn’t fit, the shipping is free anyway. Any suggestions?

Additionally I had to start the kids grades today with my colleague and that went surprisingly well too, but more later. Right now it’s time to lay vertical and let my sinuses sort themselves out, because tomorrow is my last class of my new senior beginner course and I want to be well enough to explain things in German one last time before summer, otherwise, they’ll all start panicking and thinking they won’t understand and we go too fast and they’ll all drop out before September. Ha!