About the blog.

Started this blog to give my family and friends a quick way to get caught up on what’s going on in my life, and to avoid repeating myself and having to keep track of who I’ve told what. 🙂

My life has been one long string of moves after another: I’ve lived in 6 states in the US growing up and 3 countries so far in Europe: England, Greece; and various cities in the south of Germany(a total of 5+ years). In fact I’ve spent most of my adult here in Europe and pretty much feel like a normal young European adult, (if anything my Greek identity is just as strong as my American one) so it can be really weird when people excitedly obsess over my American upbringing. I used to enjoy the mild celebrity status of being a “native speaker” when I was on study abroad, but nowadays it makes me feel like a freak of nature and I try to quietly go about my life here without letting my American “arrrrrrs” give me away in any of the languages I speak (German, Greek, & French, sometimes Russian).

I studied German and modern European history and went back to Germany after several failed attempts in other places (see above) because they made teaching English here a relatively easy process to get a visa for and my bestie was already doing it and could help me out. I spent 3 amazing years teaching young Greek children and seniors citizens and only gave it up because the 6 days a week was killing me and the career growth was non-existent. Standing in front of groups of people taught me a lot about self-assurance and how to handle awkward situations with aplomb, which I think puts me light-years in front of other women my age, who are taught that self-confidence=arrogance, until they snap out of it in their 30s and post blogs about how empowering that decade makes them feel.

I also met my bf here, a Greek man born in Germany, who is without a doubt, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met and has supported me through all the expat stress I never could have anticipated when I started all this.

In this blog I muse over the results of cultural heritage, the impact of the mother tongue and what happen when cultural norms collide and share something of my life with everyone who’s so far away when I get lonely and wonder why I chose the expat life for myself.



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