7 little reasons I’m happy today

1. The bf is coming to visit in a few days. This makes me VERY happy. Obvi! It’ll never feel like home here without him.
2. My new Italian roommate! She is friendly, sweet, giggly, invites me along to things with her and her friends, chats loudly with me in our kitchen and most importantly, she keeps things CLEAN! I will enjoy, what I am sure is to be 6 very short months with her.
3. Going to the bar today with the other Master students. I didn’t want to spend the money, but I’m glad I did, cause I found out one of the girls has the same background as me and is just as nervous as I am about all the same things.
4. Sitting in said bar today and letting all those awkward pauses happen. I didn’t have to be in charge and try to make sure everyone was having a good time. It wasn’t a class of mine, and I didn’t feel like bending over backwards, in case, heaven forbid, they didn’t like me. In the end the German girl, that I was skeptical about, asked me out of the blue, to hang out at the Irish bar the next day. So hey, you never know with people.
5. Going to the language lab and getting in one hour with Greek. It’s a book that’s too easy now, but I sure wish they had had this book 2 years ago. At any rate it made for excellent review and I now I know what I can with any spare hour I have in the city.
6. Talking to mom and dad on skype and watching mom open her 3rd week of presents. It’s so nice to see someone opening things you carefully select and wrap and ship. So much nicer than the telephone.
7. Trial run on Friday at the brewery. It’s just waitressing. My German is fine. I must get this job! If I don’t, I’ll just have to think of something else.

Since most of my posts are long and slightly depressing and/or morbid. I’m happy to report these 7 short things


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