Uni Application Update

I’ve worked my butt off this week getting my application ready. It is by no means finished but it is more than halfway done.

My German resume looks nice, with the appropriate photo to accompany it. I feel that this is perhaps, hmm ridiculous if not superficial and perhaps at times could be a tad racist. But if they want a photo they’ll get a photo.

What I am most pleased and satisfied with though is my personal statement. I’m writing this and my resume in German to make an overall stronger impression, that I’m not just another English native speaker in Europe that uses English as a crutch to make her life easier.

Honestly I hate writing in German. Maybe it’s just cause I’m not very good at it. Or maybe it’s cause my senior year was spent writing a senior research paper in German, while I was experiencing hefty amounts of reverse culture shock and depression.

Actually I think I hate it more because I literally have to check every single noun, to make sure that the article is correct. I dearly wish I could go back to my 13 year-old-self, learning German for the first time and say, hey, guess what these stupid articles that you are ignoring, are actually the most important thing about this language. Oh well, bought a book specifically for that issue, and it seems to have helped.

However with the course I did and the writings I submitted, I saw my German writing again from a new perspective. Like any foreign speaker it’s sometimes a tiny bit off the mark, which is why it’s good for serious learners of a language to rely on commonly used collocations/double check everything in a dictionary. This is what I learned from my kids. Your language skills may be fine, but if you stop being so lazy and take that extra step, they can be excellent. That’s always the common denominator separating good from excellent: more care and a tiny bit more effort.

Any rate, my letter is kicking butt. It might be the first thing I’ve written at a C2 level in German completely on my own. I’m actually finding the words in my brain, double checking them and being astounded that they are actually the word I was looking for. I spent the WHOLE day on it Wednesday (11am to 2 am) and was pleasantly surprised to have a first draft I was really satisfied with.

This letter really needs to be good too, cause I’ve also got an 2,500 word essay to write and my lack of recent academic study in the field is a bit troubling. Well I can deal with that soon enough. On Tuesday I’ll be in Freiburg and meeting the woman who I hope is as nice in person as she is per email. Perhaps she has a suggestion.

Thank God for a break right now. I think I needed all of Tuesday to confront my fear that I’d write something so crappy, that an application would be useless. Tonight I’m taking the train to see some friends in Basel. I’m super excited it’s my first time in Switzerland. the bf is a bit bummed. Work is crazy and he can’t get the day-off he was supposed to. It’s also a shame cause we’ve been talking about visiting Switzerland together, even discussed moving there one day, but oh well. He hates train rides anyway, and I love them so there’s no one to rain on my parade tonight.

I’ll catch up with friends, learn about the university and then head back to finish a second draft with things I’ve learned from the visit. Then it’s holy week, so I’ve promised the bf’s mom yesterday that I’d help her with cookies and treats and Sat with the cooking. Got to take care of spring cleaning and promised the sister-in-law a coffee together. It’s nice feeling part of a family here. I didn’t think I really wanted it, but I’ve got no complaints.

The bf reminded me yesterday why I love him. I was looking at my Greek stuff (I write 10 sentences everyday to improve my spelling etc.) and I mentioned that my last day was back in March and now I’ll have a whole ton to make-up. But he just said, you’re on vacation. You get these 2 weeks off. You can make-up the rest of March when school starts. Then laughed at me as I was stumped and had to agree with his logic and decided to play with my Greek computer program for a few hours insteadbecause I am nerd like that.

I was looking at all the silly things on my pc from when I was single and I’m so glad I’m not dealing with that nonsense. I also feel so lucky to be with someone who gets me, makes fun of my weird behavior but encourages me. Life is good. And now it’s time to finish packing for my little trip.


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