Little Miss Decision-Maker ~has an Awesome Brother (& 2 others, no offense)

Oh ye. All work and no play isn’t doing me any favors.

Am I mixing my metaphors? It’s ok; my sighs and groans are all in German or Greek nowadays.

OH JE: (with a German y sound for the J) expecting the worst/made a stupid mistake

OX: (with a nice gutteral Greek CHI) shock, surprise, disappointment

Tja: (tu-ya, German) na was soll’s, resignation

Opa: (Greek) clumsy me, I’ve just dropped the marker/the pen has flown out of my hand.

Tsk: (A Greek sound for no, best accompanied with an upward rolling of the eyes.) Nope try again, you idiot.

Popo : (Greek) I am shocked/frustrated.

Ehhhhhhhh: (Greek) Like the Canadian but drawn-out, and slurred out the side of one’s mouth, with a touch of impatience/boredom. Also a borderline rude: HEY.

Tzaaak: (Greek, prob. I’ve learned this one from the bf so I’m not sure.) It’s like an etsi, or the sound you make when you’ve set something in at’s appropriate place/calling attention to a certain action.

BWAH: (bu-whah, German, hated this at first, but it does the job of conveying my feelings with fewer words.) Means: man, disgusting, lame, boring.

I do a lot of communicating with little words. These must be my top ten sounds, well they would be if I could think of one more. Ha!

I made fun of my little I. in class, cause she was standing at the board, had written her answer and was impatient to sit back down and not be the center of attention anymore, so she blurts out “EHHHHHHHHH, Kyria.”

In English it’s rude, especially to a teacher, but she doesn’t know and it cracked me up. Between my fits of giggles, I told her to stop sounding like my bf when he’s irritated with me. She’s a giggler, so then she was useless for the next ten minutes.

I do try to avoid saying OPA with my German classes, because for them all it means is grandpa and I really want my senior citizens to think I’m making fun of them.

Speaking of the senior classes though, today was the weirdest scenario I’ve ever had. Half an hour late to my beginner’s class, in pops one of the recent additions, apologizing for her tardiness. It becomes immediately clear that she has just two lonely teeth in her mouth.

My first thought is: oh my goodness, what is going on? Is she ill? But she grins proudly and explains she’s just come from the dentist, has no teeth and can’t let another week go by without English.

Now she’s a handful as it is: bossy, stubborn, vocal, and a know-it-all who tries to take over my teaching duties. I’m concerned, but if she has no vanity complexes and wants to be here, fine, I’ll look past it.

But slowly as the lesson continues, I realize she is as high as kite!! Pupils dilated, smeared glasses, spit flying out as she talks, interjecting loudly, and asking her neighbor nosy questions.

We all try to politely ignore her at first, and her neighbor patiently shares her book with her, but what can I say: after awhile it was just frickin hilarious. Oma was having a little spin on the dentist pain medication and we all went along for the ride. She didn’t even notice how she was making us laugh.

Oh life is absurd, ehhh! (Question tags would be better, wouldn’t they? But that would make me an even bigger British poser and irritate my brothers more. Better to just be Greek and rude sounding.)

I’ve had decision fatigue real bad this month. Sounds serious but all it really means is that I’m tired of being the one everyone arounds me turns to for the tiniest decision.

I think all teachers (of children, at least) must constantly replay the scenes in the classroom over and over again in their heads. Did I say that right? Was I too mean to her? Did she misunderstand what I meant? Were they whispering because they were cheating, calling me names, or gossiping? Did I handle that right? Should I say anything about them smoking? Did I embarrass them today? Did I do too much talking? Yes yes yes, of course I did. I always talk too much.

Since September I’ve woken up and immediately been confronted with a list of choices all day long. You can wash your dishes or prep for tomorrow. Take a shower or do your Greek. Go to the gym or cook a decent dinner. Can’t have both.

Then with the kids (and seniors) it’s… I would say a decision every 5 minutes. Can he go to the toilet, you decide? Can he or she say the answer? Oh it’s wrong, who will you call on next? Can he eat his McDonalds? Are you sure he can’t? He’s going to pout for the rest of the lesson, are you really sure? She wants to tell you something, let her? Someone has a question, is it about the lesson? What this word in Greek? What’s this word in German? Will you write down in their grades when they come in late? Writing today or next time? How much homework? Are they ready for the test or should we wait? Did they understand you, or should you repeat in German? 

Then on my vacation, or my half a weekend, my bf wonders why I get so riled up when I ask him to make a decision and he dinks around and asks me to help. Mostly he wants to make sure I’m happy, but I hate discussing things to death when I don’t want to be in charge.

But how do you recover from decision exhaustion? It does exist, I guess, or something like it. I’ve certainly read about it whilst avoiding the choice between cleaning my kitchen or preparing my taxes. (So far done neither, score!)

I can’t not make decisions and new things keep coming up. And I’ve got pretty much nothing over the next year that I’m looking forward to. BWAH.

Oh man no one warned me this is what being an adult feels like.

Tomorrow I’ve got to call up the German university and explain to them that my very expensive (this is not bragging, these are my d*** student loan payments) private-liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree is actually generally considered to be a good thing and not something to be viewed skeptically, so that I can apply for the Master’s program I really want to do.

And then if German rules fail to comprehend the multi-faceted, wonderous variety found in this thing called life, well then it looks like I’ll be having another set of decisions to deal with.

I’m not unhappy, but I’m not enjoying my students anymore. It’s just a job, with no weekend, and not enough pay for the work I do outside of the classroom.

I’m trying. At least I have awesome bros. And Sat is 2 years with the bf and Sunday is the Super Bowl in the COLTS STADIUM we toured last summer and the lesser Manning, but better than none. I mean a girl shouldn’t get greedy.


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