I think I need some cheese with this whine.

So much I’ve wanted to say recently, and no time for it.

I’ve got an intensive German course taking up my mornings. It’s been weird cause my spoken German is so fluent. So I think they were all taken aback, cause they’re all more or less been learning it as quick as they can to take a language test for a certificate so they can work. I just want to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, improve my active words, do more writing and most importantly not be stressed out or overwhelmed, since I still work full-time in the afternoons

I hate to admit it, but I’m just not really interested in making friends. They’re nice enough but I didn’t take a course I knew would be below my level so that I could justify myself constantly. I don’t care what they think and I don’t care if they think I should be somewhere else. I teach kids trying to take an exam at this level in English all year round and I know there’s a huge difference between a kid who reaches this level quickly for a test and those who have been learning as thoroughly as possible for years. I just want to be 100% sure of all the things I say and refresh all the grammar reasons why it’s this and not that.

Who cares if my passive knowledge is the next level higher? I’m not trying to show off. But peeps are just so keen on us Americans and hey I’m glad. Maybe I’m the first American they’ve ever met. Sure it’s unusual I’m here in Germany. I’m glad they all think the American dream is still alive and well, and want to know if I’m gonna stay here forever. I’m sure that if they got a green card in the lotto, they’d go immediately.

And yes it’s stupid to complain about, but I’m really over this discussion! I don’t think I need to tell every complete stranger all my personal decisions of the last 3 years! Nor do I feel like confirming that yes, I’m actually not that keen on life in America and I don’t want to go back anytime in the near future!

I’m turning into a grumpy old man, I can’t help it! I just have this conversation all the time. And hey guess what, I’ve nearly never gotten any friends out of it. I’m planning to move away soon enough anyway. I’ll make friends in the next town.

What’s wrong with me, seriously?

Anyway enough for now. A better update the next time. How I wish I were in America on Thursday. I’ll be working 8-8 and dreaming of football and turkey.

Hey it’s complicated people! Why do you think I want prying strangers to mind their own business?


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