Things I’m looking forward to this year

With one week already down, I’m beginning on week two. This year will be packed to the max and sooner than I can believe it, I’ll be unpacking my summer clothes again.

Speaking of which, I’m currently unpacking my fall/winter/10-months-out-of-the-year wardrobe. I wore none of my summer dresses really. In fact I think I barely bothered shaving this summer. It was hot for 3 weeks in June. In Greece I whipped out my tried-and-true skirts and tops, because I gained weight and didn’t want to buy clothes in a bigger size. In America I wore jeans and t-shirts almost exclusively and disappointed a few people who wanted a taste of Europe.

So while at home I shipped a bunch of stuff over, mostly my favorite novels and my collection of knives from my cutco days. It was fantastic unpacking everything and feeling like I finally had most of the stuff I wanted in one place and not stored away til who knows when, but now I feel like I have too much stuff. I took a break from going through my clothes cause I just want to throw half of it out.

This is probably not good, cause atm my body is in a post-America tailspin and resisting any excess calories so I’m not sure where my weight will end up and maybe all this old junk will look fantastic on me after-all, esp if I manage to find an aquatic fitness course on the weekend (My health insurance offers course for free! How much do I love Germany!!)

Anyway this post is about things this year that I am looking forward to, so let’s start there:

  • taking an aqua fitness course for FREE
  • Also yoga if I can fit it in too, why not?? it’s FREE
  • getting my schedule finalized, the new proficiency class, and other new classes/students that I’ll enjoy getting to know
  • my new intensive German course, cause the kids make fun of me, and it’s true, I haven’t been challenged in German for awhile
  • How my German senior courses are much easier than last year.
  •  the Altstadtfest (Old City Festival) here. It’s so CUTE and all the restaurants have tents and there’s Federweisser which is really young white wine sort of half fermented, sweet and refreshing! It’s like a big beer garden atmosphere, but you don’t have to drink beer.
  • The falling leaves and the crisp weather, with just a bit less rain and a bit more sun than normal.
  • This TV show It’s about lonely German farmers looking for wives. The bf and I love it, not in the least because the biting German commentary, the hilarious regional accents, which occasionally require subtitles, and the messed up expectations there are about relationships and life in the country. It’s a bit of a contrived “reality” show. Maybe we should be embarrassed, but we get to cuddle up Monday evenings and watch the awkwardness turn into a love story.
  • All my rich fall colored-clothes I got in the US, esp my super comfy new teaching pants. Finally pants that aren’t jeans that look formal, but are more comfy than jeans. Hurrah!
  • Riding a bike for as long as I can, then my yearly 6 month public transportation pass when the weather gets unbearable, which is worth the money for simply making it easier to get out of my house and into the city doing things.
  • My new wellies (galoshes). The bf thought they were ridiculous and thinks I’ll never wear them, but I’m willing to make style sacrifices this winter to keep my feet warm and dry and to fight off colds for as long as possible. Besides I’ll just bring a change of ballet slippers.
  • My Entla is coming to visit me with her husband. I’m so excited!! Together again in Germany and at the Christmas market time at that!!
  • Also the bestie is visiting in Nov. sans bf, which is a shame but it’s a relief to have the next date to look forward to. It also means I don’t have to rush over to England for the next holiday.
  • Hopefully I’ll have another visit, and if not, at least another reunion over Christmas time.
  • Getting a check-up. Yes I’m looking forward to it! Last year I was constantly getting sick. And I need a new eye-check up for new contacts/lenses.
  • Figuring out where I’ll be next September and what I’ll be doing.
  • Also the new niece that’s arriving sometime in October. Yay!
  • I can’t quite decide for sure if I want to risk another Greek course, but I’ll go to the first lesson and if it doesn’t work, I’ll cancel it.

So that’s my list for now. Off to improve my German articles!


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