Little Miss Ami goes to Ami-land

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

I feel like Princess Leia right now. I haven’t been able to shake this feeling all week so I’m listening to my father’s Funeral Hymn’s CD. Maybe it’s my birthday which brought it on. I know it’s weird but that’s how I am. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee and I’ve never been able to imagine myself as an old granny.

As much as I think about death, I should probably have decided to have a become a nun by now. I’m struck by how unjust this world is and how many things there are to pray for and an urgency to pray.

I think I’ve lost that early 20s optimism well and good. (If anyone doubted I’m my father’s daughter…)

But that’s not what anyone wants to read in a blog.

Ah well, no one can avoid death and possibly the reason humor was invented.

Waiting to check-in so I can change our seats in the long flight. I hate being cramped in the middle. Also I’m so looking forward to church on Sunday together with the fam (mostly) and for the bf to see how it was for me growing up, i.e. nothing like it is here.

Meanwhile the flat is mostly cleaned due to the visit I had this morning from the insurance man. So it’s just packing today and eating my perishables. Ha! Also a few additional things to buy. Oh how exciting!

I’m not looking forward to all the travelling around, but at least I have someone to prop me up when my lack of sleep starts to get to me. And I get to drive! The bf remains skeptical, he wants to be the other driver in our rented car, BUT at $93 I don’t think it’s worth it. He drives me everywhere there, I can drive there. Mostly he just doesn’t know how I drive and I can understand that, he doesn’t want to be driven crazy all week, literally. Haha. I have no intention of letting him drive though. It’s a stupid extra cost.

Also another thing he doesn’t believe. I have no desire to bring a whole fashionista wardrobe with me. I am going jeans and tshirts all summer long, with my vans and tennis shoes. I am so ready to just be a slob for a bit. And besides if I wore anything too out there around my grandparents, they’d just think I was stuck up and full of myself.

What else, ahhh Mexican!!! And in kzoo, donuts.

This is such a rubbish post, I almost don’t want to post it, but to hell with my perfectionism, I will and now I will get ready for me trip. If you’ll excuse me I’ll see ya’ll on the other side of the pond tomorrow night.


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