Back… and off again

Got in yesterday from Greece. It was a long two-hour flight surrounded by screaming children, which was preceded beforehand by a noisy hour and a half in the way-too-small Thessaloniki airport, and that was proceeded by one hour on the bus shaking and holding onto my luggage in the sticky heat.

And when I say screaming children, I mean one behind me, one to my right, two to my left, two in front of me, two diagonal and another two in front of them. Apparently I booked the flight for German-Greek couples and the moms wanted to talk and hey, God bless them, in a child-unfriendly country like Germany, I try to be more patient, cause I know they’re getting a lot of commentary from strangers to keep their kids absolutely silent, but I still don’t appreciate the migraine they gave me. Nor did I want to listen to a bunch of ridiculously accented Greek.

Why is the German accent so laughable? Well every accent is to a certain extent, but there’s something about the German in Greek that makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. Oh well, I also find my American accent in German disgusting, but I’m the only that does apparently. When I think I’m being mocked, it’s usually just people tickled to be experiencing it for the first time live. And I’m under strict orders from the bf not to improve it. Different strokes for different folks.

Anyway Greece, oy that country is like no other in twisting up my guts and making me swing back and forth between love and hate. The bf has always understood it. He was the one to say to me, you have to love something a lot to be able to hate it like that too. Which is good, cause he is Greek after-all and sometimes we have to do things or be in situations that drive me crazy, and if he didn’t understand it, he’d have pulled the plug long ago.

I had little lists I wanted to make about the visit. But I don’t want to just list the positives because that would give the impression that it was a fabulous visit and it wasn’t. It was just a visit to my friends at a busy time, where I felt all the old feelings I always feel in Greece, elation, isolation, frustration, relaxation, spiritual peace, and the NOISE, NOISE NOISE NOISE.

Later, I’ll write later, because right now I’m off to spend my birthday weekend with a friend in Trier, and the bf and I are setting off in one hour and you all know I’m NOT packed.

Next time I’ll put up some pics.

Oh but I’m tan, did I mention I’m tan!!!!


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