Last dash before Greece

Oh dear the bf is going to kill me when he comes over in a bit and sees the state of my apartment. I guess he’s realized by now that I am totally incapable of packing in advance. In fact, I feel incapacitated when faced with the thought of packing. The clothes are all washed and lying near my suitcase, since yesterday morning. Sigh.

So I’m procrastinating, sue me! I did so much running around today. Returned books and switched over bills, called the tax guy (who was very pleasantly helpful), rescheduled my appointment with my accountant (I kid you not, I just looked it up in English, forget my English sometimes), but the bf will have to move it back, cause I rescheduled it in a panic before I talked to the tax man. Then to continue, had a bike accident and scraped a nice chunk out of my elbow, went to finish work, but unfortunately only halfway there for the kids, and sent them off early without playing or talking. Then finished my work before the next kids came. Oy and then guess what, well the grades weren’t ready. My boss was pissed. I wasn’t trying to throw my colleague under the bus, but she dropped the ball. We talked it over twice and she was going to finish the last test and then give our boss the grades on Monday. She forgot, I didn’t double check and now my boss has more work to do. She was mad and did the Greek yelling thing, that sounds like it’s really angry to an American, but probably isn’t to the Greeks. I just left. It wasn’t my fault, BUT my boss expects us both to be on top of things. I don’t want to irritate my coworker by checking up on her, and she practically insisted on it, but guess I need to cover my own ass and not worry about her feelings. Le sigh.

Moving on, called up the oldies twice to tell them we won’t come to the garden party today. The will, or are, or were so disappointed, so I was very glad that no one picked up both times. I don’t have time to deal with hurt old people feelings and they knew it’d be tough for me anyway, will do damage control when I come back in August.

Then I managed to say a quick goodbye, still have to come in tomorrow morning before the flight to sign off all the grades, bah. Came back, ate while watching a John Stewart, and tried to get a hold of my friend in Greece. No luck. Who the heck am I meeting tomorrow?? I had all week to call, but had telephone calls all week, and by then it was far too late in Greece. Well it’s Greece it’ll work out. I’m excited but still have to pack and clean and text my boss, and give the bf a list of things he needs to take care of if we are going to be ready for our US trip!

Does any of that make any sense??? Probably not. I’ve nearly finished it all though. Have I done enough Greek??? Ehhhhhhhhhh, no. Thoroughly disappointed with myself, I’d like to finally have something to show for all my effort. I spent a whole year in a Greek class listening to horrible accents and a teacher drone on and on about Greek culture. Man I could write that book yo. But the Germans were happy, and I thought it would improve, so I didn’t complain.

Selber Schuld. As the Germans say. At least it’s a tax write-off. Oh yeah and then in August I have to organize a rental care and budget for this trip. But that’s enough from me for now. Maybe sometime tomorrow I will let out a big sigh and just think to myself, well there’s nothing I can get done now, best to just enjoy myself. 

And I will. I miss them all. I’m just too stressed to be excited and I’ve been too stressed for too long. 😛

Oh and to get me in the mood, this kid is great.


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