My last year in photos

Ahh I started looking around on other expat blogs here. So cute! So interesting to read about how other people made the same decisions I have. Whenever I travel somewhere and notice other Americans that clearly live abroad, I always want to ask how it came about and how they like it, but I’m always too shy.

I also suppose I’m held back by the fact that sometimes I know I’m too busy running around to take the time for curious questions. Maybe people left America and they’re happy not to have to talk to strangers about their personal life. I know sometimes I am. Besides mostly I hear people on the street and it’s a bit awkward to run after them saying “hey do you live here/abroad too?!” 

I’m too eingedeutscht. (germanized) What can I say? Here anyone that addresses you on the street that isn’t lost, is generally up to no good. At least around here. It’s a bit different in Berlin and other cities and in the countryside too I think.

Anyway after I looked at all the pretty set-ups, I dinked around with mine for a bit. I don’t think mine will ever be a mostly photo blog, but then again I’d rather use this than fb for friends/family, so I thought I’d try it out today for the first time.

So the highlights from last year are:

July 2010

An old elementary, middle school, high school Omaha friend, comes to visit. From German to band, we spent several years sitting in class writing notes to each other and then hours after-school on aim chatting to each other.

Little bro came for a visit. There were so many great photos. We had so much fun going out and having him try new things. The best part was every morning he’d run next door to the grocery store and buy fresh rolls while I was still clutching my coffee. Here he is with a Radler (shandy) and massive schnitzel. Both of which were too much for him this day. Wheat beer and sausage were what he liked.

In Wheelers, back in our Erlangen with bff. This pub opened during our study abroad there and was the headquarters for all the mischief the English speaking community got up to. The end of an era.


My bday in the village on the 14th, right before the big Panagiri on the 15th of August (with my bff and fam) She’s another girl I met in Germany when a classmate of mine said to her, “Hey you’re Greek. That’s cool. This girl (me) likes Greek things.” Not really, but it did the trick.

the bf and I in Skiathos. He’s was so happy to be back on a beach.

The thing that keeps me coming back to Greece, despite all nonsense I’ve dealt with over the years. Let me tell you the restaurants were expensive and rubbish, but when you have an oven, you eat like a king for pennies. The highlight of our stay here was the local butcher, who always “freshly froze” her fresh meat that morning. Yes, it was so frozen that we had to wait 2 hours for it to thaw enough to cut it. Very fresh.

The beach on Skiathos had the clearest, most comfortable water. I never wanted to stop swimming.


Back home and back to work!


Up in the Bavarian forest right near the Czech Border. It was basically a little ski town and dead, but the area had lots of zoos and nature preserves and it was fall break and I wanted a change of scenery.


Birthday steaks for the birthday boy. Sometimes he really loves dating an Ami.


1st Glühwein of the season. Man once they open up the Christmas market, I am just loving life! Nowhere else beats the festive atmosphere here during the holiday season.

Another old Omaha classmate, comes to visit. She’s living in Germany now toob (small world), and teaching at a kindergarten.

The bf had ear surgery in Dec. while I had loads of guests. I brought an old Michigan friend  to visit him and get fed. She’s also a priest kid, as we’re called, s we’ve got a very sisterly relationship. She had finally gotten over to Spain to study and was travelling around before going home.

Love this pic of Lorenzkirche. We got so much snow. It was a slushy nightmare, but after a couple winters without any snow, this CO snow bunny was very happy.

Gone to Berlin for NYE. My thing I guess is to spend this holiday in new cities: London, Berlin, Cologne, New York, so far. Even though I actually don’t really get what all the fuss is about. Berlin was by far the best. Amazing, long firework show that you could see from all over the city.


Driving a Trabi at the Eastern Germany Museum, my normal museum-hater loved all the hands-on stuff here. Definitely go if you get the chance.

Visiting my German gf in Trier and helping her move in. It was so nasskalt (bone-chillingly) cold there when I went because it’s in a valley and gets gusts of wind with the damp, that I swore I’d never visit again in winter. BUT I’m looking forward to going this summer and trying out the wine.


All these years of living abroad and my parents finally come for the first time, for a measly 2 weeks. This was taken on a somewhat pleasant day, but the rest of the time, I’m afraid they spent walking around freezing (I thought it was normal, but they’re spoiled living in the dry air of CO). What can I say, I warned them about February, at least there was no precipitation.

Here we are in Dürer Platz. Poor mom had just had foot surgery and went walking all over town on these medieval cobblestones. All in all, made February go by much faster than normal!


Altdorf, took a day-trip somewhere new, but there was nothing to do here, or any small village in Germany on a Sunday, so we went left fot our favorite brewpub


After a whole winter without our two favorite people, we went over to visit their new set-up and my Easter break coincided with this royal wedding event. My bff’s bf, being the patriotic Englishman he is, was determined not to miss a chance to see the Queen. Despite my reservations it ended up being an all-around wonderful experience and we saw the queen mum and happy couple 3 times, not 20 meters away.

And that’s what we saw.


Spent an afternoon in Cambridge together before flying back. How can you not love this town, I was ready to send in my application, tuition be damned!?!


Nothing like the Erlangen Beer fest to bring people together and give faraway friends the excuse to return. My study abroad experience has introduced so many people into my life and kept us all close and connected as well.

The middle bro came to visit and kick off his college opera tour in Germany. Guess who got to feed to hungry men. Hahah.

Bayreuth was super cool. The rain was miserable at first, but when it let up, we had tons of fun. And get there quickly, they’ve got a pretty unique all wooden (read: firehazard) Opera house, which will be closed for 5,6, maybe even 7 years for a complete renovation. But it, and the Italian palace were pretty cool.

So there’s a short look into my last year. Can’t complain. I’ve got to see some cool things, but even better, I had a lot of long awaited visitors.

For me, since I’ve never really stayed in one place too long anyway, it’s not like all my friends are in the same place back home. I mean, no matter where I lived, I’d be apart from the people. That’s what I enjoy the most living abroad, taking people around and showing them the sights.

When you live and work somewhere, everything begins to get old and you take it all for granted so it’s always wonderful when someone see it for the first time and makes you stop and appreciate how cool it is to live somewhere that for your friends is so picturesque and interesting.


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