Countdown to vacation

Another Thursday has come and gone. I’m counting down every Thurs. until summer break. Two more full days to go! Then a last little week before I hop over to Greece. I have a very good feeling I won’t be ready.

I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything at the moment. There are just so many things to figure out before summer break and I don’t have any down time to deal with it. And everything is taking so long. I have had a problem with my lights for 2 months, but still not sorted. Ai. Never mind my contacts, my driver’s licence, my VISA, my bank account, taxes for 2011, health insurance switch, US taxes, summer vacation budgeting double-check. And these are just the biggies.

Not to mention that the bf’s parents are away and while he doesn’t ask for anything extra, I just can’t help cooking dinner for him more often. I mean the boy shouldn’t eat currywurst everyday. His sis feeds him a bit, but goodness knows, the last thing I need to do in a family of feeders is be the one girl who doesn’t a proper job. Later I’ll slack off when needed, but I need to build a reputation in the beginning. He’s not helpless, in fact he’s very helpful and thankful, and is really delighted that I’m cooking more than normal. I’m training him slowly in the kitchen. Everytime I cook I have him do little tasks, he’s willing enough and it’s high time he learned to do some basic tasks especially if it helps both of us eat dinner together sooner. But shhhh don’t tell him.

But I’m a stresser. I will just have to wait til this Monday and see that everything is set for the next year and then get some more big things crossed off that have been sitting on my to-do driving me crazy since March. I never would have imagined that I’d still be dealing with all these super important things right before I was getting ready to start my summer break!

Germany is doing me in plain and simple. I want to get away and feel at ease knowing that all the bureaucracy is behind me.

Butl I’m already looking forward to next fall. This tax fiasco turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I needed to push my senior classes into next year and because of that, I’ve managed to squeeze in an intensive German course. My German is good enough. It gets me where I want to go, but I want to improve my grammar, and push my vocab to the next level. A language is such a fickle thing. The bf doesn’t want me messing with my accent, but I think I’d be taken more seriously if I spoke correctly 80-90% of the time instead of 60-70%.


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