Short and sweet:

Yesterday I used Laki’s empty kitchen to my advantage and baked pb cookies for me and for my classes today. With a big oven it goes quickly. I also made brownies. Then Laki’s brother rings telling us to come over. It’s like he knows when ever I make desserts.

Good timing anyway, I brought two tupperware containers to share. The little dog Ellie is so happy to see me. Hahah. His bro was a bit shocked and demanded to know why his brother couldn’t be more like me. And his sister and her husband were there too. Her baby has just started kicking. Her husband is so ready for their baby. He has another little girl from a previous marriage, and he loves being a dad.

Anyway they didn’t stay long but we chatted enough and watched her practice. I got to play with Kosta then. Hahah little munchkin is starting to make eyes at everyone. He’s got ridiculous little ears. Poor dear. And he’s already starting to coo at everyone. He was just looking around, being a baby flirt.

Well I’ve had lots of baby practice. Trust me. In fact I’ve had a good 7 year break during Uni and afterwards. I didn’t want to see any kids. It was fun yesterday though. S. asked if it bothered me that she kept giving me to him and I said no way! Normally I have to pass him on to be polite, but yesterday there was no one but Lakis, so after a bit of food and a diaper change, we took a baby nap together. Heehee

Anyway then we dropped the baby and dog off at Grandma’s and went out to see bad teacher. I wouldn’t have bothered to see this movie ever, esp not dubbed, but I’m easy. We expected it to be funnier. I don’t like Diaz’s face that much anyway. She’s got a weird lip thing she does, reminds me of a fish, and now with more wrinkles,which she can’t help I understand, but prob she’s my least fave actress.

So we had a bit of movie strife they paid for our tickets, oy with the Greeks. Then I bought a water, much to the consternation of the sis in law, then afterwards we went to dinner at the polish beer garden nearby and got the dinner. Well I got the dinner and I was happy to. I slipped Laki a 50 Euro note, and they protested but we won. Then having the sneaky bf I do, Laki slips me money secretly that I found this morning. Oh my goodness Greeks are ridiculous.

Anyway it was a lot of laughs and we talked about America and different travels and they wanted to find out if all the things they’d ever heard were true.  But it was lots of fun and I’m glad we get a long well together. We talked about maybe going to see some cultural things together. Since the brothers only cultural interest is football and her sis is gone now, so she’s got less people to do stuff with.

I’m excited. I already liked Laki’s sis a lot. She’s so kind and open. His bro’s wife was a bit harder. Sweet but I met her when she was pregnant and lots of things were going on. She had more to worry about than getting to know her b.i.l’s new gf. So now things have settled and maybe they’ve also gotten over, why is the American girl interested in him and realize that I might stick around and so going out was just what we needed. We got along swimmingly and that was an unexpected plus. Because it’s fine when you just hang out from time to time with family, but these people will always be part of our live (as long as we’re together) and so it’s even cooler when you realize oh hey, we might even be friends.

I haven’t whipped out the charm in ages. It’s just not worth it in most situations. It’s so hard to make friends in Germany. It takes so much time and even then I’ve been planned out of some friendships and so recently I’ve not been bothered. But yesterday was out of the blue a lot of fun. So hopefully this is the start of closer family get-togethers.

In two weeks we’ll be having burgers at mine.


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